Tooth Extractions

Dental Extractions In Brandon, FL

Do you need a dental extraction? Our dental clinic is located in Brandon, FL, and we offer patients reliable and professional dental extraction services. Dental extractions are performed to help alleviate a patient’s pain or avoid potential future problems.

Common reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted:

Simple Extraction

In a simple dental extraction, the dentist will not have to make an incision to remove your tooth. As long as the tooth is visible and the dentist can access the entire tooth, it can be easily removed. Our practitioner routinely performs simple extractions, and patients don’t need to worry as it is a stress-free way of getting rid of a dead tooth.

Surgical Extraction

A surgical extraction is more complicated and usually requires the patient to undergo an x-ray. This helps the dentist have a more in-depth understanding of the situation. If a surgical extraction is needed, local anesthesia will be applied to the area, and a small incision will be made into the gum to access more of the tooth. Generally, surgical extractions won’t require the patient to go under. The sensation can be compared to pressure being applied to an area, and the most important part of the procedure happens only after the surgery. Post-care treatment is important in making sure no infection develops.

What to expect after my dental extraction?

Antibiotics may not be required after your dental extraction. Pain medication will be prescribed as you may feel some pain or discomfort after the procedure. It is advised that you do not eat or drink immediately as the blood will need time to clot. You should also avoid taking solid foods as it might cause the wound to bleed. After about a day or two, you should feel much better, but do contact us if bleeding or swelling persists.

Dental Extractions in Brandon, FL

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