Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleanings In Brandon, FL

Routine exams, more often known as “check-ups,” are crucial for maintaining good oral health. Most dentists would recommend that you have a check-up at least once every six months. While you may think it’s not as important to have regular check-ups, existing problems may potentially be detected early on, allowing for earlier treatments to be carried out as soon as possible. Some of the examinations we carry out are gum disease evaluation, oral cancer screening, and looking for signs of tooth decay. Here are some reasons you should have routine check-ups.

Treatments are typically less expensive when dental issues are detected earlier.

Regular check-ups may help in detecting potential dental problems sooner. Usually, minimal treatments are less expensive because the procedures involved are minimal compared to the potential of more severe problems in the future. When left ignored, a small dental issue may develop into a major issue requiring more intrusive procedures. It may also require more time as more procedures may be needed and will cost more.

Professional dental cleanings help maintain good oral health.

Dental cleaning helps with the removal of plaque from the teeth. Dental tools are utilized to remove plaque without damaging the teeth. After thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of the teeth, the teeth are then polished as a final touch. Making sure teeth are clean is important as the buildup of plaque houses harmful bacteria that can damage the tooth and lead to cavities. By removing the plaque, you’ll also be preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Better overall dental hygiene.

By having a regular check-up, your dentist can examine and advise you on how to improve your oral hygiene. Reduce the chances of having tooth decay, cavities, or other gum diseases when you brush regularly, floss, and have good dental hygiene.

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