What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening? How Is It Different?

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening? How Is It Different?

May 1, 2022

Do you think your teeth are not as bright as they were earlier? You can find many products to whiten your teeth from drugstores and groceries. Unfortunately, your teeth can discolor naturally with age. Aggravating the problem further are habits such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and having pigmented foods like berries, pasta sauce, et cetera. Fortunately, Zoom teeth whitening is an excellent remedy for this familiar problem.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Explained

Zoom teeth whitening is a variety of laser treatments to lighten staining and discoloration of tooth enamel. The whitening treatment is non-invasive and completed by cosmetic dentistry near you in approximately forty-five minutes to one hour.

The procedure for Zoom teeth whitening combines a unique light called Zoom light on Laser with hydrogen peroxide-based whitening ingredient. The cosmetic dentist in Brandon uses both to bleach each tooth to produce a brighter smile at the end of the treatment.

How Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Function?

Zoom teeth whitening involves using concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel to cover your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down when it comes into contact with the light emitted by the Zoom lamp. The breaking of the hydrogen peroxide dissolves the top player of the enamel to release oxygen into the teeth. The oxygen helps flush out and get rid of the stains that have set in.

The treatment is similar to giving your teeth a chemical bath without causing any adverse effects.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Zoom teeth whitening does not affect the physical structures of your teeth. Therefore, the procedure is low risk and one of the optimal teeth whitening procedures available on the market. However, occasionally you might suffer from sensitivity, the most common side effect of most teeth whitening treatments. You might also have tooth or gum pain and irritated soft tissue. However, your dentist recommends desensitizing toothpaste and over-the-counter painkillers to manage the discomfort.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Instructions

Before you schedule your appointment for Zoom teeth whitening in Brandon, FL, the dental professional explains the pros and cons of the procedure. The dentist reviews your gums and teeth and inquires about your goals. Finally, they will discuss the treatment options available with you. You can also use the time to ask any questions on your mind.

Occasionally your dentist might recommend Zoom teeth whitening, especially if you are planning other dental procedures like having veneers over your teeth. The teeth whitening treatment helps you get a natural appearance. Your consultation also helps determine whether you are suitable for Zoom teeth whitening. The procedure can have interactions with other dental procedures you have undergone.

How Long Does Zoom Whitening Last?

All teeth whitening treatments are temporary and will remain with you for a year or more if you follow your dentist’s instructions. After receiving Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you must limit or avoid staining foods and beverages like those described earlier and quit smoking entirely if you use tobacco. If you must have pigmented foods or drinks, you must brush your teeth shortly after having them.

Besides the above, Dr. Dharmendra Pansuriya recommends brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing at least once regardless of the time, and getting six-monthly dental exams and cleanings to eliminate plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth. If you follow your dentist’s instructions to the word, you can expect the results of teeth whitening to last for a year or more. However, if you compromise with the instructions of your dentist, you require additional teeth whitening treatments faster than expected.

After getting your teeth whitened from a dentist providing Zoom teeth whitening and spending nearly $ 500, you must make every effort to ensure the results remain with you as long as possible. You can request custom-fitted whitening trays and gel to use at home for touch-ups if required. The dentist ensures you receive all information necessary to care for and maintain your new smile. However, the responsibility of safeguarding your investment lies upon you and requires some care and diligence to ensure your teeth don’t discolor quickly to impact your smile. Zoom teeth whitening is an excellent remedy for eliminating stains from your teeth and having an aesthetically pleasing smile. The treatment is fast and effective and delivers results within the hour.

Brandon Perfect Dental provides Zoom teeth whitening in Florida. Kindly schedule an appointment with them to brighten your teeth and remove the stains affecting them.