How Long Can a Dental Bridge Last?

How Long Can a Dental Bridge Last?

April 4, 2023

When you miss teeth in any part of your mouth, including the front teeth, dental bridges can help restore your appearance and mouth functionality. This is because the bridge bridges the gap where the missing tooth existed. Therefore if you have lost teeth recently, it helps if you discuss replacement options with the dentist near you to prevent the consequences of tooth loss from affecting you sooner instead of later.

Dental Bridges Explained

When you miss one or more teeth, dental bridges help close the gap between your teeth with one or more fake teeth. Bridges are generally made using crowns on both sides of the edentulous gap supporting a Pontic or false tooth between them cemented in place.

Who Needs Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges benefit everyone with a missing tooth or teeth. The common reasons for tooth loss are tooth decay, periodontal disease, injury, genetics, et cetera. Therefore, if you decide to get dental bridges near you, having two healthy natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth is a prerequisite.

Why Must You Consider Dental Bridges?

Your teeth are designed to work in unison. When you miss a tooth or two, the adjacent teeth start drifting toward the empty gap. The teeth in the opposing jaw also start moving up or down to close the space. The movement causes problems to result in bite issues, chewing challenges, discomfort from the extra stress on your teeth and jaw, and self-consciousness about your appearance and smile. If you wish to overcome these problems and more that will soon affect you, considering dental bridges in Brandon, FL, is the ideal solution to get replacement teeth and restore mouth functionality.

What Type of Dental Bridges Is the Best?

When considering dental bridges to replace missing teeth, your specific situation determines which dental bridge is optimal for your needs. You can find different versions of dental bridges from the dentist in Brandon. However, you must decide on a version that best suits your needs because all varieties of dental bridges are excellent for functioning as replacement teeth.

  • You can consider a traditional fixed bridge which is the most common if you have lost a couple of teeth. Conventional fixed bridges have two or more dental crowns and a Pontic connected to function as your artificial teeth. Materials like metals, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramics help make bridges. However, traditional fixed bridges are beneficial if you have two healthy natural teeth beside the missing tooth Gap.
  • If you have merely one tooth next to the edentulous gap, the dentist recommends a cantilever bridge needing merely one crown and a Pontic to function as your artificial tooth.
  • If you experience tooth loss in the aesthetic zone, you can consider a Maryland dental bridge created from porcelain and supported by a framework with wings on each side to bond to your existing teeth.

Can a Dental Bridge Last 30 Years?

If you want a durable solution for your missing teeth lasting for three decades or more, it helps if you discuss dental implants near me with the Brandon dentist because dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution that provides permanent restoration for your missing teeth. However, if you decide to get implants supported bridges, you must prepare for a surgical process and considerable expenditure with plenty of healing time before you can get the artificial teeth you desperately need. However, if you prefer the procedure, you can rest assured that the implants embedded in your jawbone will remain with you for your life, but the dental crowns may need replacements after a decade or more if you maintain them properly.

If you don’t favor the surgical procedure or the considerable expenditure dental implants need, you can opt for the other versions of dental bridges from the dental office near you, confident with the knowledge that bridges remain in your mouth for nearly a decade. However, with proper maintenance and regular appointments with Dr. Dharmendra Panasuriya, you can extend the longevity of the replacements by another five years before eventually needing replacements.

With missing teeth, you find it beneficial to close the gaps between your teeth with dental bridges or implants to ensure you don’t encounter the consequences of tooth loss that affect you. Besides impacting your chewing and smiling ability, loss of teeth also impacts your general health and your facial appearance because it results in jawbone deterioration. Therefore replacing your missing teeth with dental bridges is a better option than leaving vacant voids between your teeth to endure the consequences of tooth loss.

If you have lost one or more teeth and are looking for replacement dental bridges from Perfect Dental, help close the gaps between your teeth. Consult them today to discuss the replacement options that suit your needs to have them in your mouth three weeks after your meeting.