How Is Tooth Extraction Important to Improve Your Oral Health?

How Is Tooth Extraction Important to Improve Your Oral Health?

January 1, 2022

Would you think the dentists at Perfect Dental are out of their minds when they recommend you have a couple of teeth extracted for the benefit of your oral health? We are confident you will probably consider leaving the dental practice right away, promising never to return, even for routine appointments. However, have you considered why the dentist recommended tooth removal instead of trying to save the tooth as dentists usually do? Let us clarify that the dentist may have noticed an infection in your teeth or excessive decay, making it practically challenging to save your tooth.

Dentists never recommend a tooth extraction near you unless the removal becomes inevitable. Instead, they use their knowledge and expertise to offer you various treatments, some minor and the rest invasive, to preserve your tooth as best possible. Unfortunately, suppose you did not cooperate with the dental professional and allowed the condition in your mouth to aggravate. In that case, the dentist has no alternative other than recommending removing the tooth to preserve your oral and overall health.

Why Are Permanent Teeth Removed from the Mouth?

Permanent teeth removal is standard among adults of all ages. However, teenagers and some adults may have to get their wisdom teeth extracted between 17 and 25 or later, and conditions like excessive decay, infections, and crowding all require tooth removal. In addition, if you intend to get braces to straighten teeth during adulthood, you may need extraction of a couple of teeth to make space for your remaining teeth to shift into their correct positions.

Many people are affected by cancer and undergo chemotherapy, which leaves their teeth compromised. Dentists recommend these people have their compromised teeth extracted to keep their mouths healthy. The dentist considers your oral and overall health benefits before suggesting the removal for your wellbeing. Dentists are aware their suggestion will likely upset you and even concern you because of the considerable expenditure needed for replacement teeth. However, dentists are responsible for protecting your oral and overall health. Therefore, in some cases, if it means your oral health benefits without a couple of teeth, they accept it is for the well-being of your mouth and body.

How Are Teeth Extracted?

Dentists or oral surgeons perform tooth extractions in a straightforward procedure requiring approximately 40 minutes in an outpatient setting. The extraction itself depends on whether the tooth for removal is visible or impacted below your gums line. As such, extractions are surgical or straightforward, with visible teeth requiring simple extractions from a dentist and impacted teeth needing surgical extractions from an oral surgeon.

The dentist near you performs a simple extraction on a visible tooth after providing local anesthesia to numb the area using elevators to loosen the tooth before removing the crown and root from the socket and jawbone.

However, if you need a surgical exception if your tooth hasn’t entirely emerged from your gums and an oral surgeon makes incisions in your gums to reach the tooth after providing more potent anesthesia. The dentist sections the tooth in pieces for comfortable removal in some cases.

Whether you undergo a surgical or straightforward extraction by Dr. Dharmendra Panasuriya, you don’t experience any pain or discomfort during your procedure because the anesthesia delivered makes your mouth entirely numb and keeps it cool for another few hours. However, as part of tooth extraction aftercare, the dentist recommends you not eat anything for the next few hours until the numbing medication wears off entirely. The restriction prevents biting your cheeks or gums and incurring injuries that need more treatments.

While you may worry about replacing the extracted teeth after healing the tooth socket, spare a thought to the tooth extraction cost, which becomes due soon after completing the removal. Prepare in advance to settle the charges of the dentist or surgeon. If the removal impacts your smile, you may need a replacement solution for interior teeth. Posterior teeth also need visible and valuable replacements for your mouth’s functionality. Thankfully you don’t have to replace impacted teeth that never emerged above the gum line. Here again, the dentist can offer you different solutions to replace the missing teeth with dentures, bridges, or implants.

After extracting your teeth, dentists will offer you the optimal solutions to safeguard your oral health by providing all assistance needed for the maintenance.