Can Kids Also Have Dentures Treatment?

Can Kids Also Have Dentures Treatment?

June 2, 2022

Losing baby teeth is natural when they loosen and are replaced by adult teeth. However, a condition called hypodontia occurs in children resulting in the failure of teeth developing in the gums.

Loss of adult teeth in children occurs due to trauma, falls, accidents, or sports injuries. Children can also lose their teeth due to decay resulting in infections and extraction.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures are primarily categorized as full and partial dentures in Brandon, FL, and elsewhere. Generally, children receive a partial denture to replace missing teeth. The denture consists of a replacement tooth or teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored base with metal clasps.

When children have a missing tooth or teeth, a partial denture helps them restore their smile, similar to adults. The dentist’s office near you can create a partial denture for your kid if they have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to the reasons described earlier.

Purpose of Providing Dentures to Children

Cosmetic dentistry near you considers providing partials to children to improve the appearance and functionality of their mouth by closing the gap left by the missing tooth or teeth. The partials also help maintain space while teeth on the other side emerge. Most importantly, the partials help replace missing teeth while waiting for the development of the bones to complete at around 18 or older to insert bridges or get dental implants near you.

What Materials Help Make Partial Dentures for Children?

Acrylic or plastic helps make the replacement teeth and the base. Stainless steel wires are used to make the metal clasps.

What Is the Procedure for Making Partials for Children?

The Brandon dentist takes a mold of your child’s mouth using a material called alginate. Alginate is derived from brown seaweed, which helps as a food thickener. After that, the dentist in Brandon asks your child to bite on the soft wax to register the teeth relationship.

After creating the mold and taking impressions, the dentist selects the shade and shape of the replacement acrylic tooth or teeth. The mold is for the dental laboratory to create the partial for your child. The dentures are fabricated in the laboratory but require a week to complete.

What Can Your Child Expect after Getting Dentures?

Initially, the new denture will likely make your child feel awkward and bulky. It is expected because your child will eventually get accustomed to wearing it. Children need some practice inserting and removing the partials. Children might experience soreness if the partial puts too much pressure on a specific area. In such cases, the dentist makes some adjustments to the partial to ensure your child feels comfortable.

Dentures created for children generally fit with relative ease. However, children must avoid biting down on the denture to position it because the pressure can break the plastic base or bend the clasps.

Denture Maintenance and Handling

  • Dharmendra Panasuriya recommends your child clean the denture in a sink of water or over a folded towel to prevent damaging or breaking the prosthetic if your child accidentally drops the appliance.
  • Dentures are best cleaned using mild soap without toothpaste because they contain abrasive ingredients that might scratch the denture surface.
  • Dentures require cleaning every day using a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove food particles and plaque. The cleaning will prevent the denture from becoming permanently stained.
  • Dentists recommend a suitable denture cleaner and rinsing the appliance thoroughly in running water.
  • Children are advised to wear the partial denture at all times except when cleaning. The recommendation prevents the remaining teeth in children’s mouths from shifting and closing the gap resulting in the denture not fitting after some time.

Children with developing jaws and emerging teeth must get their partials adjusted to accommodate the eruption of adult teeth, which affects the dental appliance. Dentists will adjust loose clasps during each review visit or take a new mold if required.

Loss of teeth can make children conscious of their smiles and impact their self-confidence. Getting children partial dentures helps them maintain their mouths functionality and prevents the remaining teeth from shifting out of position to create orthodontic problems. Therefore we can confirm that children can also have dentures treatment if they lose their teeth prematurely.

Brandon Perfect Dental provides full and partial dentures for everyone and partials for children losing their teeth for various reasons. If your child has lost a tooth or two, kindly schedule an appointment with this dental facility to get them the partials they need.